The Story of Itsuki Garden

Itsuki Garden was initially acquired by Hinoki’s late founder in order to build a private residence. As the property’s land neighbors a famous hiking trail to Kamakura’s Great Buddha statute, many hikers would innocently wander onto the land. Whenever this happened, and which became quite frequent, the founder would always welcome the lost hikers with a cup of green tea or use of a bathroom.

He decided, then, to build a small and permanent brick terrace to offer future lost hikers a resting place. This decision led to an unexpected amount of work, as the founder eventually built, himself, seven brick terraces brick-by-brick over a 20 year period!

As he was building the brick terraces, he decided to officially open the property to the public as a café for anyone to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and natural environment with food and drinks. To this day, Itsuki Garden strives to maintain its spirit of hospitality, warmth, and beauty for all of its guests.

Equally important, Itsuki Garden endeavors to find ecological harmony with its surrounding environment. Undertaking extensive ecological research and regular maintenance, many valuable animals, plants and insects have been found in the surrounding environment. We will continue our research and preservation of Itsuki Garden, and are very happy to have the opportunity to welcome hikers and tourists visiting Kamakura.